Beyoncé performing at the 2014 VMAs

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I hate being told to do something I was already planning on doing

like I was all about doing this task, and then you told me to do it and now i am annoyed and this task is now 300x less likely to be completed

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Nico Mirallegro [x] Please let me adopt him.
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fangirl challenge: 5/5 television shows
Human beings are simple, predictable clichés. Broken hearts, betrayal, it’s all been done a billion times before. The problem is, every time still hurts like the first. And if you’re lucky enough to recover, you can be sure that just as you finish filling in all the cracks in your life, the next one is starting to open.

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we’re the freakin’ guardians of the galaxy

"i was so worried, i baked a whole cake. and then i ate a whole cake." | broad city

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Anonymous: What is it's always sunny about besides idiots drinking??


racism, sexism, rats, homophobia, putting down white males, abortion, cute boys with beards, abuse, the spectrum of sexuality, feminism, drug abuse, danny devito’s butt, classism, strong female characters, religion, popping your shirt off, learning disabilities, rape culture, birds, transphobia, same-sex marriage, karate, asexuality etc etc

it’s also really fucking funny

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